Credit: Instagram

Remember back in the day when Jenelle Evans was married to Courtland Rogers? Oh wait, she still is. This Teen Mom 2 superstar might be dating the one and only Nathan Griffith (and she's pregnant with his baby, to boot!), but she's still very much hitched to her estranged hubby, Courty B, who's in jail on heroin possession charges.

Courtland and Jenelle had a tumultuous relationship full of trips to KFC and domestic abuse, and now Jenelle has taken it to the internets to claim that this dude pawned all her priceless jewelry. The conversation came about when Jenelle posted a photo of her new jewelry stand — a Christmas gift from her sister. When a fan pointed out that Jenelle only has two meager necklaces hanging from it, she tweeted, "Well I would have a lot more but Courtland pawned every piece of jewelry I owned."

Sigh, Courtland. Most people will assume that this grifter allegedly pawned Jenelle's goods to support his drug habit, but please. We all know Courty was using the money to pay for the intricately designed confederate flag tattoos that adorn his body. That red, white and blue symbol of America's history doesn't pay for itself, y'all.

Luckily, Jenelle's collection of jewelry has doubled in size thanks to Nathan's generosity. Not only did this hunk give her a gorgeous necklace for her twenty second birthday, he gave her a lovely charm bracelet for Christmas, and a gift certificate to Kay Jewelers! Best baby daddy ever.