Credit: Instagram

In case you've been living under a rock, Jenelle Evans is once again baking a bun in her oven. Apparently this gal didn't learn much from her own episode of 16 and Pregnant, but the good news? Jenelle's in a stable relationship with the man of her dreams (oh hey, Nathan Griffith!), she's drug-free, and she's no longer a teenager.

The only downside to Jenelle's pregnancy is that she still doesn't have custody of her first child, Jace Evans, who lives with his grandmother full-time. However, Jenelle and Jace have maintained an extremely close relationship despite the fact that they live in separate states. This sweet kid is all kinds of excited that he's going to be a big brother, and he's made it more than clear that he wants a baby sister.

"I told Jace he will feel the baby move soon," Jenelle tweeted. " His face went [excited emoticon] and he said he wanted a baby sister like Emery. #TooAdorable."

Emery is Jace's soon-to-be stepsister, aka Nathan's daughter. Sadly, Nathan, Jenelle and Jace don't get to see Emery too often because her grandparents have custody, but it's so sweet that Jace is so attached to her!

Here's to hoping that Jace's wish comes true and Jenelle has a baby girl. Stay tuned to Wetpaint Entertainment to find out the sex of this notorious starlet's kiddo!