Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter

There's no denying that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is one of the more controversial Teen Moms. At this point, she can't even announce a pregnancy without fan backlash, bless her heart.

Jenelle is currently around three months pregnant with her second child, and rumors about her sobriety — or lack thereof — in her first trimester have taken the internet by storm. The reality star has made it clear that she’s been 100 percent free of drugs for more than a year, but some fans seem concerned that she was drinking heavily at the beginning of her pregnancy.

Jenelle's maintained that she stopped partying as soon as she found out about her pregnancy, but there have been reports that she was drinking during a recent trip to Philadelphia. "Funny I'm being accused of 'drinking heavily' while pregnant.." Jenelle tweeted on December 27. "Never knew I was an alcoholic... People r drinking now, I have my lemonade."

It's easy to assume the worst from Jenelle, given her dramatic past, but we have a hard time believing that she'd intentionally drink while pregnant. This gal seems super excited about the bun in her oven, and it's clear that she wants to have a healthy and happy pregnancy — she's even seeking out all-natural remedies for restlessness!

Do you believe Jenelle, or do you think there's more to this story than meets the eye? Weigh in below!