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Jenelle Evans is about three months pregnant with her second child, and she's already sporting an adorable baby bump! This Teen Mom 2 star has been pretty private about her second pregnancy, but she's all about sharing photos of her round belly now that the cat's out of the bag! Just last week, Jenelle posted a nude belly selfie while in the bath, and now she's at it again with side-by-side photos of her bare bump.

Credit: Teen Mom Truth

Sure, fans are slightly surprised that Teen Mom's most notorious starlet is already showing at three just months — but don't forget that second pregnancies pop earlier than first pregnancies (which often don't become apparent until the five month mark).

It looks like Jenelle is well on her way to a healthy and happy pregnancy full of pickles, ice cream, alfredo sauce (natch), and prenatal massages from her doting baby daddy, MMA fighter Nathan Griffith. Unfortunately, Jenelle's been suffering from bouts of morning sickness and restless nights, but that's small beans compared to Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit, who's already been rushed to the hospitalfor diabetic attacks during her second pregnancy!

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Source: Teen Mom Truth