Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter

At this point, poor Jenelle Evans can't even get pregnant without people accusing her of being a compulsive liar. This Teen Mom 2 star is expecting her second baby in summer 2014, and despite the fact that she has a visible baby bump, some have implied that she's faking her pregnancy. Oh no they did not.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Jenelle's raucous bunch of followers seem to think that she photoshopped a recent baby bump photo due to the fact that one of her many tattoos wasn't visible. Naturally, this gal did what any normal person would do to prove her skeptics wrong — she posted another baby bump photo, showing more of her body ink..

There’s also a close-up photo of Jenelle's burgeoning bump in which you can very clearly see her tattoos — including her leopard spots, her zebra-striped star, and her hip tattoo of baby daddy Nathan Griffith's name. Unless this reality star is a secret genius at photoshop, we're thinking this picture is all the evidence fans need to prove that her bump is the real deal!

Unfortunately, fans are now questioning the size of Jenelle's bump (she's pretty big for a rumored four months!), but Jenelle isn't letting the speculation get to her. "Idc if u guys think I'm 10 weeks or 20 weeks…" she tweeted. "That's none of yr business and shouldn't even concern yu. Nice try stirring drama again."

We'll be able to confirm just about how far along Jenelle is once she finds out whether she's having a boy or a girl — which is usually determined at the five-month anatomy screening!

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