Credit: Instagram

Jenelle Evans has been working up a storm since her April 2013 arrest, and we're happy to report that her life is officially back on track. Not only does this gal make money as a star of MTV's Teen Mom 2, she has a few side gigs, and it looks like she's finally building a savings account. In fact, Jenelle is officially in the market for a new set of wheels!

Our favorite reality starlet is eager to exchange her old Scion for something roomier now that her family is rapidly growing. Not only is Jenelle pregnant, she has an entire fleet of dogs, not to mention her OG son, Jace!

Now, you might think Jenelle would want a simple family car like a minivan, but nope. Turns out Jenelle's leaning towards a Hummer. "Hummer, Tahoe, Suburban, or Truck with backseat ? I want to get a hummer..." Jenelle tweeted on January 2. "Need a new car. Family is expanding. any suggestions?"

Jenelle obviously needs a big ride to fit all those car seats, but is a Hummer really the most practical (not to mention affordable!) option? These giant luxury vehicles range in price but can cost as much as $30K or more, which means Jenelle would be ponying up a serious amount of cash. Ironically, Tahoes and Suburbans are even more expensive, and could cost Jenelle anywhere from $40K to $60K.

Are you surprised that Jenelle is going to spend so much on a car, or is this a necessary expense now that her family is growing? Hit the comments!