Jenelle Evans and her boo thang, Nathan Griffin, are hot off the heels of a romantic trip to New York City for MTV's press day! Jenelle spent most of her time in The Big Apple giving interviews to media outlets, but fear not — she and Nathan made sure to put aside some time for themselves. Yep, these two went on a romantic date to the Empire State Building so Jenelle could survey her kingdom, and it sounds like they had a blast.

"Went to the Empire State Building and it was amazing!" Jenelle posted to Facebook along with a plethora of pictures of herself and Nathan posing for the camera. Let's see, we have Nathan cheesing next to a picture of the Empire State Building while inside the Empire State Building (meta), Nathan outside in the freezing drizzle, Nathan peeping through some binoculars, and Jenelle sporting a giant foam Statue of Liberty hat. As ya do.

Jenelle said that she and Nathan had "lots of fun" exploring the city with each other, but their trip was pretty short lived. These two are already back in the Carolinas, where the weather is a balmy 60 degrees! Sigh, so jealous.

What do you think of Jenelle and Nathan's cute date? All we know is that this hot couple better enjoy their alone time while it lasts. Before too long they'll have their hands full with dirty diapers and a screaming baby named Kaiser.

Source: Jenelle Evans on Facebook