Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Jenelle Evans’ latest pregnancy has already changed the Teen Mom 2 star’s life for the better, and the little one won’t even be here for months!

Jenelle, who has a 4-year-old son, Jace, with ex Andrew Lewis, is now expecting her first child with current boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and it seems as though this time around, she’s got this whole baby-having deal on lock. Teen mom no more!

While the reality star has not confirmed how far along she is in her pregnancy, according to a new post on Instagram, her fetus is starting to hear things, which likely puts her in the 23 to 27 week range. Now that her baby can hear what’s going on, let’s hope she and Babs keep their expletive-laden fighting to a minimum, unless they’re content with baby number 2’s first word being a four-letter one.

This is the second major milestone Jenelle’s pregnancy has hit in the past two weeks — on January 23, Jenelle told Nathan via Twitter that she had felt the baby kick. Ah, love in the modern age. This coming week, she’s due for another one — on the 31, Jenelle and Nathan get to find out the sex of their bundle of joy.

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Source: Instagram