In case you hadn't heard the alarming news, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has been accused of smoking pot throughout her pregnancy. Or, in the words of Barbara Evans, she's "HIGH, HIGH, YA BOTH HIGH." Reports of Jenelle smoking while pregnant are upsetting to say the least (think of baby Kaiser!), but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are two sides to every story, and you better believe Jenelle is fighting back.

First of all, Jenelle says that this explosive story was sold to by her friend, Tori Rhyne, and Tori's boyfriend, Josh. Tori has a history of selling out Jenelle, and homegirl is extremely dissapointed.

"The simple fact they sold any info whether it's true or not is just wrong…" Jenelle tweeted. "How many chances do I give them?"

So what does Jenelle have to say about the veracity of Tori and Josh's claim that she was trying to get high during a recent trip to Los Angeles? Jenelle explained that Josh fabricated a series of messages to spite her.

"Josh gets mad at me and sells a story that I'm smoking weed while pregnant just by hearsay, l Wasn't even there," she tweeted, adding, "Why would u guys buy some fake screenshots?"

Jenelle went on to say that Josh and Tori likely "made a fake account to make up that entire convo," so she's definitely maintaining her innocence.

Do you think Jenelle is telling the truth? We know this girl has made mistakes in her past (especially when it comes to drugs), but it's hard to believe that she would willingly smoke pot during her pregnancy and risk harming her baby! Hit the comments and tell us what you think, ladies and gents.