Important update from Jenelle Evans's uterus, guys! This Teen Mom 2 star is around 23 weeks pregnant with the future husband of Blue Ivy Carter, Kaiser Griffith, and new mama-to-be recently went to the doctor for a check up. The results? Nothing short of fabulous — and somewhat terrifying.

Turns out Jenelle's stomach is a veritable paradise for babies, and Kaiser is straight-up thriving. In fact, this little dude is doing so well that he's growing at an exponential rate, and is somewhat gigantic. Jenelle took to Twitter to share the news of Kaiser's enormous size, writing "So Baby Kaiser is measuring at 26 weeks but I'm only 23 weeks! Haha!!! Over average!"

Bless his little heart. Clearly Kaiser is getting super big thanks to Jenelle's diet of alfredo sauce, manwhiches and cheese puffs, and we can't wait to see his pudgy little cheeks when he makes his triumphant debut in the summer! However, we don't envy Jenelle for having to push Kaiser out. If this kid is already measuring 3 weeks ahead of his gestational age, he'll probably be enormous by the time Jenelle's ready to pop!

In other news, we're pretty sure that Kaiser's above average size qualifies him as a genius. Thoughts?