Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Pregnancy is a beautiful time full of Juicy Couture tracksuits, stretch marks, questionable cravings and mood swings, and one of the best parts is the onset of cankles — just ask Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans. Also, it's opposite day and by "best parts" we mean "worst parts ever." It's extremely common for pregnant women to experience mild swelling throughout their second and third trimesters, and it looks like 24-week pregnant Jenelle is dealing with some seriously swollen feet.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Though Jenelle's feet haven't reached Kim Kardashian-levels of enormous (shudder...never forget that time she wore strappy sandals), girlfriend can barely fit into her new Toms! "My legs feet and calves are soooo swollen!" Jenelle posted to Twitter when a fan pointed out that her shoes were looking a little tight.

If Jenelle's feet and legs are already swelling up now, we can't imagine what they'll be like in the heat of the summer when humidity levels make everyone swell like balloons. The good news? Jenelle looks absolutely stunning as a mommy-to-be, and has somehow managed to retain her great figure throughout this pregnancy!

Of course, Jenelle will report any excessive swelling to her doctor — fear not, worried Teen Mom 2 fans!

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