Credit: Instagram

Jenelle Evans has 99 problems and being famous ain't one. This southern belle is currently in the spotlight thanks to Teen Mom 2's fifth season being aired on MTV, and it looks like her celebrity status isn't about to let up anytime soon. Rumors and speculation about an upcoming sixth season of Teen Mom 2 have been making the rounds, which means it's possible that Jenelle and her fleet of questionable boyfriends could be in our lives for at least a few more months. Blessed!

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram

MTV hasn't confirmed a sixth season of Teen Mom 2 (nor have they confirmed speculation that Season 5 is being extended), but one thing's for sure: a cameraman was recently spotted filming outside Jenelle's house! "I spy a camera man," Jenelle posted to Instagram along with a photo of the dude in question.

While we don't know that this cameraman is working for an MTV crew, it's definitely a possibility. After all, why else would Jenelle have some random person with a camcorder lurking at the end of her driveway? Of course, it's also possible that the local North Cackalacky paparazzi have shown up at Jenelle's house, or that Jenelle herself hired someone to film her life because she misses her MTV crew so much.

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