Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram

Teen Mom 2's Season 5 finale was 90 minutes of non-stop drama, ugly-crying, and cheez-wiz binge eating. We literally inhaled our emotions in the form of carbs and dairy, and have no regrets. It's just what happens when you watch footage of Jenelle Evans weeping in a car for more than an hour, guys.

But, why was our girl Jenelle so sad? Because her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, was being a witch with a capital B. The Teen Mom 2 finale shed tons of negative light on Jenelle and Nathan's relationship — not only did Jenelle admit that they'd had a violent argument which led to Nathan wrestling her to the ground at 12-weeks pregnant, but Nathan told Jenelle to get an abortion. Sure, these two kissed and made up, but it was an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

Of course, the real question is whether or not Jenelle was able to relive this episode, and the answer is absolutely not. Despite faithfully watching the rest of Teen Mom 2's fifth season, Jenelle decided not to tune-into the finale after speaking with her mother, Barbara Evans.

"Im honestly not watching it right now, didn't end up watching it last night," Jenelle tweeted to fans. "My mom told me it's best I didn't."

We understand Jenelle's decision completely. She and Nathan are currently in a much better place, and are trying to move on from their dramatic past — which is already a difficult task considering that Nathan is locked up in jail for charges stemming from his DUI!

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