Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram

The weather is warm, we've binge-eaten around 30 hot-dogs this week, and our tramp stamp has never been more tan. In other words, summer is upon us — and you know what that means! The time has come for MTV's Teen Mom stars to wander the beaches of their various backwoods towns, looking flawless and —  in the case of Jenelle Evans — enormously pregnant.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram

In case the giant belly wasn't a dead give away, Jenelle is currently nine months pregnant with her second child (a baby boy named "Kaiser"), and she's taken to trolling around North and South Cackalacky in a bikini.

Jenelle's beach style is pretty on point considering that she's in her final month of pregnancy (who knew that leopard print thigh tattoo would go so well with her leopard print bikini?!), and she's definitely taking care of herself.

Maybe it's because she’s in the spotlight 24/7, but Jenelle has yet to reach the point of pregnancy where she wanders around in sweatpants with pieces of food attached to her hair. Instead, she looks amazing each and every day — and her newest enviable style? Beachy curls!

Jenelle's gorgeous locks of love were curled for a day of fun in the sun, and they looked flawless. "Rocking amazing beachy waves for the occasion," she posted to Instagram along with a photo of her hair.

Um, gorgeous. But how is it possible that Jenelle has time to curl her hair every morning when she already has so much responsibility on her plate? Not only does she take care of her son Jace part time, but goes to school, and keeps up with her social media job all while looking flawless! Girlfriend can truly do it all.

Are you impressed by Jenelle's beachy waves? Tell us what you think about her pregnancy style below!