Credit: Jenelle Evans on Facebook

After the longest pregnancy known to mankind, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans finally gave birth to her baby boy, Kaiser Griffith, on June 30. One word: Blessed! Jenelle has tons of responsibility on her plate now that she's a mommy again, but luckily she has her priorities in order.

First of all, no photos of Baby Kaiser on social media (at least not yet). Second of all, she has to make sure Kairis the most fashionable child in North Carolina. Done and done, y'all.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram

Sure, Jenelle is more than likely still in the hospital recovering from labor and delivery, but that doesn't mean she can't dress Kaiser like the king that he is.

This girl took to Instagram with a picture of her baby boy's first outfit, writing, "Someone's going to look adorable today." OMG, we can't even. Tiny khaki overalls, guys! Look at them — so small! Such cute!

Of course, we're slightly disappointed that Kaiser's first outfit doesn't include a green hoodie, an Ed Hardy jumpsuit, and a pair of bejeweled baby Uggs, but whatever. This kid has plenty of time to familiarize himself with the wonders of Juicy Couture velor jumpsuits.

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