Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram

Time to clutch your pearls and say a prayer to the Teen Mom Goddesses, because it looks like Nathan Griffith was in a minor car accident. Maybe. Kinda. Frankly, it's hard to tell given the slightly confusing and adorable nature of Nathan's tweets.

All we know is this: Nathan and his girlfriend, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, packed their brood of pets into their brand new Hummer and drove to Ohio (can you imagine how much they paid for gas?!), and their car may have been totaled in the process.

Here's Nathan's cryptic tweet: "It sucks wrecking a brand new vehicle but when there are cones for causation by road work and you still smack an exit sign #there'saproblem."

See what we mean? All kinds of confusing. Is Nathan talking about his car, or did he witness an accident? His Twitter followers seem to think he's musing about his own vehicle, but either way, it looks like this bruiser was partial to an accident involving an evil exit sign.

Obviously, everyone involved was safe and sound (including Baby Kaiser, we assume!), but we're definitely worried about how Nathan and Jenelle are planning to get home to North Carolina in time for the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special in New York City on August 23!

Do you think Nathan and Jenelle's Hummer was wrecked, or was Nathan just giving fans a traffic update? Take to the comments!