Credit: Jenelle Evans on Facebook

Let's take a walk down memory lane to that time Jenelle Evans got pregnant and decided to name her love child "Kaiser."

Jenelle's somewhat unusual name choice had haters clutching their pearls in horror, but Kaiser is actually quite a sophisticated name. In fact, you might say it's fit for a king. This unique name actually means "emperor" in German (and is also the moniker of our favorite bread roll, FYI), and let's just say Kaiser is living up to his title.

Click here to see Kaiser’s professional photos!

This little dude graced the world with his presence back in June, and Jenelle wasted no time hooking her kiddo up with his very own super-regal photo shoot. Jenelle kept Kaiser's professional portraits private for a while, but she's finally decided to share these precious snapshots with fans. And guys? Our ovaries.

Naturally, Kaiser is wearing adorable knit crowns in both pictures Jenelle shared (BECAUSE HE'S ROYAL), but more importantly, he's totally passed out. Too busy being flawless to have time for plebeian activities like "being awake," obviously.

Are you floored by Kai's cute newborn pics? Sound off in the comments about this bundle of joy's regal perfection! Also someone please inform Blue Ivy that there's a new contender for future POTUS, thanks.