Jenelle Evans\'s Baby Daddy Admits He’s \
Jenelle Evans’s Baby Daddy Admits He’s “Done Heroin”
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Jenelle Evans’s Baby Daddy Admits He’s “Done Heroin”


Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans became pregnant at the tender age of sixteen thanks to getting knocked up by her wayward boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, and let's just say these two aren't on great terms. Andrew ditched Jenelle, moved to Florida after their breakup, and he's been more than a little neglectful ever since. Not only is Drew years behind on child support, he barely has a relationship with Jenelle's son, Jace! Which is all Jenelle's fault, apparently...

“She doesn’t want Jace to know that I’m his father,” Andrew tells RadarOnline. “I tried to come see Jace, but they won’t [let me] come see him. I texted Barbara [Jenelle's mom] and asked her if I could see Jace. Straight up, she said, ‘No!’”

We're hardly surprised that Babs (who has custody of Jace) doesn't want her grandson in Andrew's company — after all, this dude admitted to hitting Jenelle during their relationship, and tells Radar that he's dabbled in hard drugs!

"I’ve done heroin,” he says. “I’ve done parties; I’ve done this, done that, but I’ve always stepped up to my problem."

Whoa there, stud. Let's not forget that Jenelle's also stepped up and addressed her addiction problems (girlfriend's been to rehab almost as many times as she's been to jail!).

“I wish I could [find] a better mother for Jace,” Andrew continues. “From a father’s point of view, hell yeah it bothers me. She’s about dumber than a f — ing brick. It’s common sense: Heroin, it’s stupid. I can support my son, while you go out and spend money from MTV and money from other people and steal and fight and get sent to jail and do drugs. How is that better than mine? At least I'm doing something productive with my life.”

We're thrilled that Andrew (who’s now a full-time student) is all about hugs not drugs, but maybe this hunk would have better luck winning over Barbara and Jenelle if he paid his overdue child support? Just a thought...

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Source: RadarOnline