Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Calls Her His “Future Wife” — Are They Getting Married?!
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Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Calls Her His “Future Wife” — Are They Getting Married?!

We don't know what's in North Carolina's water, but everyone who's drinking it wants to marry Jenelle Evans. This lady has been engaged more times than we can count (and we can count super high) — in fact, she's currently married!

Unfortunately, Jenelle loathes her husband, Courtland Rogers, which might have something to do with the fact that he allegedly assaulted her. Nowadays, Jenelle's dating a mega-hunk named Nathan Griffith, and — spoiler alert — he wants to get hitched! Pshhh, get in line, dude.

Jenelle and Nathan have only been dating for a few months, but it looks like he's already staking his claim. This stud even went so far as to call Jenelle his future wife during a Twitter fight with Courtland! Yep, when Courty asked Nathan to butt-out of a conversation, saying, "Did I ask for ur opinion?" Nathan shot back with "you did when you tag MY future wife in it."

While it's slightly crazy that Jenelle's current hubby and future hubby are fighting over her on the internet, it's completely adorable that Nathan's so committed to Jenelley! Too bad they can't get married anytime soon … Jenelle and Courtland aren't even close to getting divorced.

Of course, Nathan can always show his commitment to Jenelle by tattooing her name over his heart. Oh wait, Courtland already did that. Guess he has no choice but to ink a picture of her face on his stomach.

Source: Twitter