Did Jenelle Evans Stab Boyfriend Nathan Griffith?
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Did Jenelle Evans Stab Boyfriend Nathan Griffith?

Little known fact: Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has the best sense of humor ever. Sure, this gal is famous for her drug-addled past and stints in the slammer, but the hijinks, guys! Girlfriend loves herself some hijinks!

Jenelle's currently dating a professional model named Nathan Griffith, and let's just say he brings out her funny bone. These two are all about getting their LOL on, and you know what that means … pranks galore! Which is clearly Jenelle second favorite thing to do when she’s not binge eating Alfredo-sauce.

Jenelle and Nathan decided to play a prank on his bestie, and their plan? To pretend that Jenelle shivved him. Check out this hilarious Keek video of Nathan chatting about his bleeding flesh wound, which Jenelle captioned "Lmfao he told his friend I stabbed him."

"Wanna come to the hospital with me? I'm probably gonna need like seven stitches," Nathan tells his gullible homie in the vid. "F— ing got my sh— wrapped up with a t-shirt."

Um, amazing. And the best part about this prank? The fact that Nathan's friend would just assume Jenelle is crazy enough to stab him. Note to everyone: Jenelle is a public figure. We know the Brunswick County Jail is her home away from home, but she's hardly capable of violence! Except for that one time she punched her bestie in the face for flirting with Kieffer Delp...

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan’s prank was funny? Tell us in the comments below!

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06.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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