Jenna Jameson Hits Back at Fat Shamers Pointing Out Her Weight Gain
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Jenna Jameson Hits Back at Fat Shamers Pointing Out Her Weight Gain


Retired porn star Jenna Jameson shocked audiences when she showed up for the UK's newest installment of Celebrity Big Brother. Not because of any outlandish behavior, but because she had put on several pounds since she was last in the public eye. While some were critical of Jenna's new look, the 41-year-old is hitting back against the haters with a few choice words of her own.

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"Posting this to all you fat shamers," Jenna writes on her Instagram. "Yes, I gained weight, reasons that are personal... But attacking someone over their weight is really petty, I pride myself in being a well rounded human being... Thick or thin. I remember when I was 90 lbs about 8 years ago bs I went through major attacks from everyone (media, friends, social media) and it felt the same as it feels being called fat or frumpy. It's easy for me to lose weight, is it as easy for you few haters that attack me online to realize your nasty evil ways?" 

The post, which dates from two weeks ago, seems relevant now after Jenna made her debut on the Celebrity Big Brother red carpet in a sleek black dress showing off a much fuller figure than we're used to seeing from her. But we've got to say that she looks great, and most importantly she feels comfortable and confident in her own skin. You go, girl!