Jenna Wolfe Breastfeeds In Public With Hidden Camera (VIDEO)
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Jenna Wolfe Breastfeeds In Public With Hidden Camera (VIDEO)

Breastfeeding is easily the most hot-button topic there is when it comes to motherhood, and Today show correspondent and new mom Jenna Wolfe took to the streets with a hidden camera to gauge how people react to breastfeeding in public.

According to an article on E! Online, Wolfe, who had a baby in late August with partner Stephanie Gosk, went to three popular places in the Big Apple. The NYC stops were FAO Schwartz toy store, the (fancy!) Plaza Hotel, and the Apple store. Interestingly enough, no one said anything to her in any of the places except the Apple store. Even so, the Apple situation wasn't much of a to-do, as a salesperson asked her nicely if she wanted to use a more private room for that. When Wolfe questioned her about why, the girl explained that the seats are for business customers. It seemed to make sense, as Wolfe wasn't doing anything other than nursing at the time.

Today had already taken a poll on their web site, asking people about their thoughts on breastfeeding in public. 38 percent said it’s a non-issue while 9 percent said that they feel empowered. Only 9 percent said it makes them feel embarrassed.

When Wolfe first attempted to nurse in public, she said she felt as though she was doing something wrong.

“You feel ashamed or embarrassed,” the NBC correspondent said, noting that it got easier as the day went on.

I’m wondering whether there may be a point in distinguishing whether the mother uses a breastfeeding cover (aka hooter hider) when nursing in public. I had no problem doing that when nursing my kids, although I wasn't comfortable with simply breastfeeding without covering the nursing baby.

Where do you stand on the somewhat contentious debate?

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Source: E! Online

09.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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