Jennifer Esposito Is Engaged!
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Jennifer Esposito Is Engaged!

Congrats are in order — on two fronts — for Blue Bloods alum Jennifer Esposito. She opened a gluten-free bakery called Jennifer's Way in New York City, and she got engaged to British model Louis Dowler.

Jennifer, 41, was on Katie Couric’s talk show to discuss her struggle with celiac disease, but she also showed off her new engagement ring. Get a glimpse of it here.

Jennifer was married to Bradley Cooper for just four months in 2006, and she was previously engaged to Australian tennis star Mark Phillippoussis in 2009. Louis dated Kate Winslet in 2010, after her split from director Sam Mendes. (And he was apparently devastated by their breakup.)

Jennifer told Katie her fiancé is “lovely,” and they’ve already chosen a wedding date and location, although they’re keeping that intel to themselves for now.

Jennifer said Louis is also her partner in the bakery idea, although that was not his original plan. "He wanted no part of it in the beginning," Jennifer told Katie. "He said, 'I don't know anything about a bakery.' And I said, 'I don't either! But we're gonna do this. I'm gonna do this. And if you want to see me, that's where I'm gonna be, on 10th Street.'" (The photo shown was tweeted by Jennifer last June: "One of the hardest journeys, opening @JWayBakeryNYC Yesterday we got our A from health dept!")

Before her celiac diagnosis, Jennifer said she went from doctor to doctor and was told it everything from MS to IBS. She talked about filming a scene for Samantha Who? when one of her teeth fell out, and her skin was peeling and yellowing. It was “frightening and, I have to tell you, infuriating,” she said.

She shared more of her story on her bakery website, writing, "Five years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease and food allergies. I was told a gluten-free diet would solve my woes. NOT TRUE! Not only did most products taste like a shoe but they were loaded with starch, sugar, preservatives, and made in cross-contaminated facilities." So she created Jennifer's Way in response.

Congrats to her — and good luck with the wedding!

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