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Jennifer Garner Jokes About Ben Affleck’s Parenting Skills (VIDEO)

Few Hollywood households look quite as idyllic as the home of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. But the mom part of the equation hints that things may not be as even-keel as they seem.

Stopping by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a chic Jennifer talked about raising her three children with the Argo star. And when it comes to taking care of Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina, things are equal — sorta.

We are divided down a very mom-dad [line],” she tells Jimmy after he suggests Ben is “Mr. Mom” when he’s home. “If it has to do with making food, or [doing] homework or anything that has to do with actually functioning” here she pauses to smile as the audience laughs “sorry it’s true that's a mom thing. And then coming in just as you’re getting them to bed and picking them up by their heels and swinging them around, that’s a dad thing. Anything fun, that is Ben.”

Sounds like a pretty sweet set-up to us! Sadly, though, Ben’s going back on the road soon to start filming for Batman. “I know, it’s going to be awful,” Jenn continues, “because he’s been home now for a few months and when he’s really home, he’s so in dad mode and I think he’s going to have a hard time.”

We can relate! Not seeing Ben Affleck around the house would be a bummer.

Watch the video above to see hot mama Jennifer at her Draft Day premiere. And our apologies Ben's not in the picture.