Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boobs Reduced in Strange New Client List Billboard

You have to be careful with billboards. They can definitely be distracting. Jennifer Love Hewitt is famously endowed up top, and last year her billboard for The Client List 'caused such a stir they toned it down this year. However, they also added random small crawling men to the billboard, and that would cause us to drive off the road — or at least call 911. But that was the compromise they went for this time.

Jennifer explained the situation in a recent talk with Conan O'Brien.

Jennifer: "There was a bit of a scandal with the first billboards. There was the one that you showed [a poster featuring her breasts] and there was another one of me laying down in a nude sort of bra and panties. And everybody loved it who watched the show, everybody was happy. But there was one group of people who were apparently offended by the billboard and were not into it. So next thing we knew there was this picture..."

Conan: "Was this a group of 18th century nuns?"

Jennifer: "We still don't know who it was. It happened in a magazine but we don't know who actually did the fixing of the photo. But they didn't ask anybody if they could do it. They covered me up and actually made me a cup and a half size smaller and then covered everything."

Conan: "That's un-American! We fought wars over this kind of thing. No one can reduce your cup size without..."

Jennifer: "And half the town is going out to make them bigger, so it didn't make any sense. And then, so my billboard is there and I'm getting smaller and right next to it is David Beckham in his underwar for H&M. Couldn't have had a bigger situation in that billboard! [...] It was very strange. So when they got ready to do the new campaign they were like 'Well, we'll go somwehere in the middle and try not to offend people this time.' So they put tiny men crawling on me."

Sigh. Such a double standard! Not that we're complaining about Beckham's situation, but JLove has double situations and they have the right to, um, distract drivers on a billboard. Still, check out the video and see those tiny crawling men. Creepy!

Source: Team Coco

05.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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