Who's Older?

Who’s Older: Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift?

Jennifer Lawrence, being silly and adorable, crashed Taylor Swift's interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Golden Globes on Sunday, which reminded us: These two amazing ladies are buddies. Part of the joke was that Jen was about to push Taylor down the stairs, but hey, what are friends for?

It makes sense that these gals would be besties: They're both fun and whimsical, but they have many complementary traits, too. Swiftie is earnest where J.Law is goofy. Jennifer is foul-mouthed where Taylor is wholesome. We think Jennifer only owns one color of red lipstick, but it's okay, because Taylor could probably fill a closet with them. Jen switches between living in apartments and hotels, but if she needs to throw a rager, there's always Taylor's New England mansion.

We can definitely see these two celebrating their differences over a plate of French fries. They're even about the same age — but one is a little bit older.

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