The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Responses from the Yahoo Tumblr Q&A
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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Responses from the Yahoo Tumblr Q&A

As part of Global Fan Day for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, star Jennifer Lawrence and director Francis Lawrence sat down with Yahoo! to answer questions submitted by fans on Tumblr. We've rounded up J.Law's best responses — so keep reading to hear the 23-year-old Oscar winner hilariously discuss spitting up eggs, getting a trident in the butt, eating raw fish, and being a Capital a-holes.

On meeting director Francis Lawrence for the first time:

"I apologized for being late because I imagined our breakfast being at a totally different restaurant and I spit egg in his ham. I was talking with my mouth full and it was the first time I was meeting with my new boss and a piece of egg flew out of my mouth it was like ‘Noooo’ in slow motion."

On her favorite of the foods she tried in Hawaii:

"I can only think of the foods that I did not want to try but did try in Hawaii. Spam sushi, which he [Francis] liked, and I didn’t want to try. And I ate raw fish. Which was awful. Scales. But the mojitos at my hotel were great."

On the funniest moment on set:

"Oh, the butt. Me getting Sam's trident. [Sam Claflin plays Finnick Odair] We were in the middle of doing this scene with the monkeys. There were all these choreographed fights. Something just whipped my butt. Something slapped my butt. We’re watching playback. Josh is telling me it’s ancient spirits, and I’m believing it. Then we slowed down. The end of Sam’s trident and flew off and whacked me in the butt. There was a red mark on my butt. That was funny."

On how she acted out the scene where Katniss runs into an invisible barrier in the arena:

"Oh, um, yeah, I mimed in that. I was a mime."

On what prop from the movie she'd want to keep:

"I was going to say my bow. It was cooler than the first movie. It was heavier, which was worse. I first saw it and thought it was awesome. But after carrying it on the set, I was like 'Get rid of it, I never want to see it again.' So yeah, maybe the locket."

On which district she'd choose as her home:

"Um, I think I’d go in the middle. Maybe do like District 2, so I’m not a complete a-hole by living in the Capitol but I also get nice things. Or District 4 because there’s water. I like water. So, yeah, one of the early districts."

On the discomfort levels of her Catching Fire wedding dress and her Oscars dress:

"My wedding dress was a little more uncomfortable. That silver thing scratches. If you ever want to get that dress, make sure they don’t… Don’t get that dress."

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters on November 22.

Source: Yahoo! on Tumblr

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