Credit: Jennifer Lawrence on Facebook Photo: Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off New Haircut on November 6, 2013

So there was a time when Jennifer Lawrence would've liked to be Britney Spears? Hmm.

JLaw and her new pixie cut recently had a Yahoo! chat with her Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence.

As part of the Q&A, Jenn talked about her teen crush: "Justin Timberlake. '90s Justin Timberlake, though, like 'N Sync Justin Timberlake. I remember when I bought the 'N Sync CD, and I was listening to it, and I was flipping through — remember how CDs had the pull-out picture things? And I was getting so overwhelmed with hormones that I almost threw up."

Ah, memories.

Everything with Jenn comes back to throwing up — or tripping over her dress, fangirling over a celeb, or any number of self-deprecating moments that come off as charming rather than embarrassing. She's Bridget Jonesy like that.

Justin has better hair now than he did then, but he also has a wife in Jessica Biel Timberlake. Did Jenn geek out like so many other fans when 'N Sync reunited at the 2013 VMAs?

Watch her full Yahoo! chat here. Yep, she's still perfect!

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