Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Photo: Julia Roberts

We're totally onboard with Jennifer Lawrence being America's latest sweetheart, but Julia Roberts has different ideas about the prospect, as she reveals in a new interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz while promoting her new movie, August: Osage County.

"How many are there of us?" the 46-year-old actress ponders as Josh raises the topic. (She has a point! Wikipedia lists Sandra Bullock, Betty White, Taylor Swift, Shirley Temple, Mary Pickford, Jennifer Grey, Britney Spears, and even Kurt Russell as all being Sweethearts.)

"[Jennifer] shoots flaming arrows," Julia observes. "Like, is this a new Cupid tactic?"

Josh then asks Julia if this means that she's not voting "aye" to induct J.Law into the club.

"Well, you know, my card is expired and I didn't get a new one," quipped the Oscar winner. "I mean, I think she's fabulous, but… she seems cooler than…"

"Oh, she's too cool to be a sweetheart?" Josh interjects. "She's edgy!"

"Right? Isn't she too cool?" replies Julia, before joking that they had reached a standstill and that the interview was a trainwreck. Josh retorts that she hasn't seen his other work, and Julia lets loose her trademark booming laugh.

We just have one question about all this: When will Julia and Jennifer share the screen?

Source: MTV

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