Admit it. We’ve all thought about kissing Jennifer Lawrence. The lovely 23-year-old Oscar winner has officially stolen America’s heart so yeah, of course we’ve daydreamed a time or seven about what kissing Katniss Everdeen would be like. Well, for lucky leading lady Amy Adams that particular dream came true.

Amy, who stars alongside Jennifer in the upcoming film American Hustle, recently dished about what it’s like to lock lips with J.Law. Prepare to be amazed.

“Are her lips as soft as we think?” the E! News correspondent asks the 39-year-old actress.

“They are. They really are,” Amy replies. “She’s awesome.” Obvi. Now, give us the deets.

“It was funny because after the first take of that, I ended up with lipstick out to here [gestures around her mouth] — she has very full lips,” Amy says. “Also, playing somebody who’s not puckering for a kiss, it’s really interesting how a kiss hits you when you’re not participating in it.”

In Hustle, Amy plays Sydney, the mistress of mobster Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), while Jennifer is Irving’s hotheaded wife, Rosalyn. As for that steamy kiss between the two, it’s not exactly an Irving-inspired fantasy sequence.

“Jennifer pulls it off wonderfully because you believe it again as part of the character,” Amy explains of the scene a million eager fans can’t wait to see. “It doesn’t feel like this salacious, sexual kiss between two women. It’s part of her struggle for control.”

Yes, her struggle to control our hearts. Well, J.Law, you’ve won.

Source: E! News

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