Magazine covers photoshop celebrities and models to look even thinner and more "flawless" (if you consider unnaturally smooth skin and manipulated bone structure "flawless") than they already are all of the time. This is a (sad) fact of life. Despite that, we can't help but be especially pissed about what Flare magazine did to Jennifer Lawrence in the cover that is causing internet-wide outrage.

Why does this particular photoshop raise our hackles? It's not that it's especially egregious — sadly, we've seen much worse — and it's not because it's the latest part of the trend (the cover is actually from 2011), but because Jennifer Lawrence, of all people, should not be subjected to this type of manipulation.

Why? Here are three of the many reasons.

1. She's an outspoken advocate against this kind of fakery. Jennifer Lawrence is an outspoken advocate in favor of helping young girls achieve healthy body images, most recently ranting that it should be "illegal" to call somebody fat on TV. She is open about her own struggles with Hollywood's unrealistic weight expectations, and is not a fan of photoshop fakery.

2. She's a role model for young girls. It's a huge problem that young girls are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images that create impossible expectations for how they "should" look, but it's even sadder when it happens to someone like Jennifer, who is known for her relatable attitude in real life, and her portrayal of one of YA's most popular female heroes, Katniss Everdeen, on screen. Basically everyone wants to be her, or be her best friend (get in line, y'all), and you know young girls are collecting her mag covers and absorbing everything about them.

3. Dude. It's Jennifer Lawrence. Why? Jennifer is a young superstar with a gorgeous face and fantastic figure. The fact that media standards of "beauty" are so warped that someone who is objectively in the absolute prime of her life by any reasonable standard has been photoshopped to the extent that her bone structure was changed (moving the collar bone? really?) is just... Why?! The mind boggles.

Does this photoshop piss you off, too? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below

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