Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Jennifer Lawrence at the LA Premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on November 18, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence’s career has obviously blown up over the past two years — thanks largely in part to the explosive success of The Hunger Games — and we can’t imagine a world where she isn’t our Katniss.

But Jen has a back-up plan in case all of this acting stuff falls through: hotel maid.

“It’s all of my favorite cleaning,” she said when she sat down with Conan on Wednesday. “Like, I don’t like dishes and I don’t like the kitchen, but I love beds and bathrooms and spraying and going through everybody’s stuff. Like every day, there’s new people to snoop on! It would be my dream.”

And Jennifer knows firsthand that snooping is part of the hotel staff’s job, because it’s totally happened to her before.

“Somebody, as a joke, bought me a bunch of butt plugs… it’s a long story,” Jen recalled. “So I get a copious amount of butt plugs, huge amount of different colored butt plugs, and then the maid was coming, so I thought, ‘I’ll just shove this under the bed so she doesn’t see all these butt plugs.’”

As you do anytime you’re expecting company and need to hide your sex toy stash, right?

“I came back, and all of them were brought out of the bed and were in this beautiful display on my bedside table!” Jen said. “I think that she knew what she was doing! They were under the bed. But I wanted to leave a note, like, ‘not mine,’ or ‘bought as joke.’”

Which could’ve worked, but as Conan said, “nothing you say at that point can — it only makes it worse.”

Either way, it makes for a hilarious story. We hope Jen left the maid an awesome tip. Other than, you know, “don’t touch my butt plugs.”

Source: Conan