Our girl Jennifer Lawrence has gotten a ton of flack for her Dior dress at the Golden Globes — so much that it's become a meme (#Lawrencing, duh), with everyone from puppies to Arrow's Colton Haynes participating.

Critics have compared the dress to paper towels, duvets, and our favorite, Ariel's makeshift sail-and-rope dress from The Little Mermaid. But not everyone feels this way!

Rachel Zoe — who, to be fair, is J.Law's stylist — said that Jen was "obviously" best-dressed at the awards. Hollywood Life also came to the defense of the dress before it was even a meme, calling it "gorgeous." W Magazine listed Jen on their "best dressed," and Perez Hilton called it a "Dior Dream Come True." Los Angeles Times writer Maeve Reston maybe said it best: "I loved that dress on Jen Lawrence AND The Little Mermaid."

Some fans, obviously, are also in support, with one going so far as to say, "I will punch the next b**ch who talks s**t about Jennifer Lawrence's dress. She's flawless."

What about a third possibility: It's not that bad. Just, you know, nobody's immediately heading to the Internet to write screeds on how neutrally they feel about a dress.

What do you think, readers? Is Jen's dress the best thing, the worst thing, or something else? Vote below, and elaborate in the comments!

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