If Jennifer Lopez Earns $17.5 Million for American Idol Season 13, What’s Her Hourly Wage?
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If Jennifer Lopez Earns $17.5 Million for American Idol Season 13, What’s Her Hourly Wage?

Jennifer Lopez has 17,500,000 reasons to come back to American Idol for Season 13, and they all bear the face of George Washington.

That's right, word on the street is that J-Lo is earning a $17.5 million paycheck to come back to the show — which is up from the $15 million she reaped for Season 11 and the $12 million for Season 10.

"There was a lot of back and forth negotiating on her salary, but now it's finally been settled that Jennifer will earn $17.5 [million] to go back to Idol next season," a source tells Daily Mail. "It's a major coup for her to land a huge payday like that, and I believe she is thrilled with that number. It's a lot more than the $15 [million] Britney Spears was paid to do The X Factor."

(Uh, yeah — she better be thrilled!)

So, just for fun, let's figure out her hourly rate, shall we? We'll look back to Season 11, when she was last on the show.

If the 30 performance/audition episodes of Season 11 were all two hours long and the 10 results episodes were all one hour, that makes for 70 hours of TV. Taking off 18 minutes from each hour for commercial breaks, that's 49 hours of filming time.

Let's say that J-Lo was on set for an additional hour for each of the 40 episodes — you know, for hair and makeup and such. That's 40 more hours. And we'll add maybe 6 hours for promo and photo shoots.

That's a total of 95 hours of total work for J-Lo, by our estimation.

$17.5 million divided by 95 hours is results in a wage of… $184,210 per hour.

We'll wait a moment while you absorb that shock.

But don't worry, folks — she's still "Jenny from the Block."

This is, of course, assuming not only that the source is right about the paycheck, but that J. Lo is coming back in the first place. She may be all but confirmed to take the judge's seat, but it's still not set in stone.

Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's manager, was a favorite of J.Lo to take the third seat, but he declined. It's possible that Jennifer's definitely coming back if she's throwing that kind of weight around, but could she be waiting to confirm her seat until Idol books a third judge that meets her approval?

Other ideas that have floated around about that third seat include record producer Dr. Luke, who reportedly declined the gig due to the time commitment. Will.i.am is too busy filming the UK version of The Voice. Actor, jazz singer, and world-championship smiler Harry Connick, Jr. is reportedly on the shortlist to become the third Season 13 judge.

At this point, though, the only Season 13 Idol judge we know for sure is Keith Urban, so anything could happen. There's plenty of talent fans would love to see filling the two vacant chairs, even if someone ends up stealing it from J.Lo.

We're scratching our heads already that Idol alums Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert don't seem to be in the running — they're not only more interesting choices, but presumably much less expensive. They'd also "freshen things up" much more than any returning judge, like J. Lo, would.

What do you think? Would Idol be getting a crappy deal in bringing back Jennifer Lopez? Sound off below!

Source: Daily Mail

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08.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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