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New Mom Jennifer Love Hewitt Debuts Maternity Fashion Line (VIDEO)

You’d think after the past year Jennifer Love Hewitt has had finding out she’s pregnant, getting hitched just days before going into labor, and dealing with the role of new mom — she’d want to slow down. Hardly! This 35-year-old wonder woman is only picking up the pace as she rolls out her latest project: a maternity fashion line.

Stopping by E! News for the big reveal, the former Client List star talked parenting and fashion. She also looked stunning with the lighter locks she debuted back on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month.

“I just feel like my heart expanded, quadruple,” a glowing Jenn says of her baby girl Autumn, who’s just about to turn five months old. “Every time I look at her, I just melt. It’s great.”

And we melted looking at the amazing clothes Jennifer’s been working on with Pea in the Pod for her own line, L by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“It’s a time in your life when you want to feel really beautiful and it’s a struggle sometimes because you’re expanding and you’re changing and your hormones are all over the place,” she says. “Comfort was a big thing for me and I really wanted to, as a woman, make other women feel beautiful and special in their clothes.”

Check out the clothes for yourself in the video above and tell us what you think in the comments! Would you buy J.Love’s line?