Jeremy Calvert: MTV Edits ‘Teen Mom 2’ To “Cause Drama That Didn’t Happen”
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Jeremy Calvert

Jeremy Calvert: MTV Edits ‘Teen Mom 2’ To “Cause Drama That Didn’t Happen”


The dads of Teen Mom are basically their own little union — they love to talk on social media about how poorly they’re portrayed on the show, and then threaten to revolt (or quit) in order to get what they want. Isn’t that so cute?

This time, though, Jeremy Calvert is standing up for himself about getting an unfair edit, and speaking out about one scene in particular that really infuriated him.

The scene in question is this bonus clip, in which Leah Messer talks to a friend about Jeremy’s engagement to Brooke Wehr.


“Leah is talking about me telling her that my engagement to Brooke wasn’t ‘that serious’ or something,” Jeremy told The Ashley.

“That’s complete BS and not what happened at all. They totally twisted the situation to make me look bad.”

So, what really went down then?

Adalynn’s dad insists producers urged him to tell Leah about his proposal on camera, but though he tried to resist their request, he ultimately caved.


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“I looked right at Leah and said, ‘Well, me and Brooke got engaged.’ And I looked back at the producer and I said, ‘See? It wasn’t that big of a deal for you to make me tell her on camera.’ Kind of like, ‘you didn’t even get any good footage of [Leah freaking about it].’ But they edited it to look like I said that my engagement is not a big deal.”

Then, the 28-year-old — who once claimed the show “ruined” his life — raised hell with his producer, who felt badly, but that didn’t stop Jeremy from hopping on Instagram to call out MTV and their bad editing habits.


“I posted that on Instagram because that scene was not portrayed right,” Jeremy added.

“They purposely edited it to cause drama that didn’t happen…They don’t want to show the truth, especially when it comes to the guys on the show. There’s enough drama, they don’t have to make more. They’re afraid of pissing the girls off, I guess.”


The dad of one is also urging his fellow dads of the show to “set s—t straight,” but last time we checked that’s all they’ve been doing, no? #NeverForget when Adam Lind threatened to quit at last season’s reunion!

Do you think Jeremy has a point? Do the dads get an unfair edit so the moms look good? Tell us below!

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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