Woman Claims Justin Bieber’s Father Broke Her Jaw With “Kung Fu Kick”
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Woman Claims Justin Bieber’s Father Broke Her Jaw With “Kung Fu Kick”

More bad news for Justin Bieber...

MailOnline is reporting that Justin Bieber’s father, Jeremy, allegedly smashed Alicia Wadden’s face with a flying roundhouse kick back in 2002— a devastating attack of which Alicia later said, “As I ran, I felt bits of teeth in the back of my throat.”

Alicia said she was knocked unconscious by he kung fu kick, which also allegedly left her jaw broken, teeth chipped, and forced her to eat pureed food for two months.“I must have been knocked out, because all I remember is waking up and not being able to close my mouth,” Alicia said to MailOnline. (Read the full story here!)

To make matter worse, the mother-of-one claimed she was so terrified of Jeremy and his reputation that she did not want to press charges. Apparently, Jeremy found her boyfriend and paid him $1,000 to keep her from testifying at the trial. Yikes!“I was only 18, and I was really scared,” she said. “I didn’t want anything to happen to me. My friend had called the police on the night it happened and they kept contacting me. But when the police turned up at my work, I realized enough was enough and agreed to give a statement.”

Alicia has decided not to remain silent any longer, because she regrets never bringing Jeremy to justice. But she has a few words of warning for Justin: “He seems to look up to his dad, but he needs to know what he is really like. I used to be a huge fan of Justin. I would always think how nice and polite he was, but his dad is a terrible influence on him. He thinks he can get away with anything he does, but I want him to know he can’t.”

What do you think about Jeremy’s behavior? Do you think it is affecting Justin in a negative way? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: MailOnline

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