Jeremy Gilbert vs. Mike Montgomery — Who’s the Buffest Little Brother on TV?
Credit: Steven R. McQueen and Cody Allen Christian on Instagram    

The Vampire Diaries

Jeremy Gilbert vs. Mike Montgomery — Who’s the Buffest Little Brother on TV?

We’re starting to see a trend unfold right before our eyes. Little brothers on TV are starting to eat their Wheaties and hit the gym — and we are eternally grateful for that. It seems that two of the biggest culprits of bulking up and looking extra beefy just happen to be on two of our favorite shows. There’s Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) and Pretty Little Liars star Cody Allen Christian (Mike Montgomery).

Over on The Vampire Diaries, we’ve seen Steven bulking up for his role for over a year now, with him flaunting his giant muscles a lot during Season 4 as a Hunter. Elena Gilbert’s (Nina Dobrev) little bro hit the gym quite a bit to get those arms ready to show off the Hunter’s Mark like all the time (hey, we aren’t complaining!). Most recently, however, Steven has been hitting the gym in order to help out his case with the Arrow writers. Someone wants to be Nightwing really bad.

Meanwhile, we’re pretty shocked to see Cody’s rather recent evolution from emo little bro to hot stud on PLL. While Steven’s role kind of forced him to start toning out those infamous arms, Cody seems to be doing it for the heck of it. Aria Montgomery’s (Lucy Hale) little bro isn’t exactly a major player in all of the mysterious happenings in Rosewood. We didn’t expect this little guy to turn into such a stud almost overnight (again, no complaints here).

For now, we’re going to have to say that Steven has the upper hand (or upper bicep), but keep in mind that this Cody is a mere 18 years old while Steven is 25. There’s plenty of time for the standings to change. Keep at it, boys.

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