Jerrika Hinton Announces Round 2 of “Grey’s Games” Sweepstakes!
Credit: Jerrika Hinton on Facebook    

Grey's Anatomy

Jerrika Hinton Announces Round 2 of “Grey’s Games” Sweepstakes!

Already stressing about waiting til February for your next dose of Grey’s Anatomy? Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie Edwards) has an another round of Grey’s Games happening to keep you occupied — especially if you want to score an autographed copy of Season 9 on DVD!

And if you weren’t quite poet enough to master the last contest, don’t worry — no haikus required this time!

Here’s the deal for this round, as per Jerrika’s recent Facebook update: caption the hilarious pic above of the jilted Matthew (Justin Bruening) and Stephanie comforting each other after Jackson (Jesse Williams) confessed his love to April (Sarah Drew) in the middle of her wedding ceremony at the end of this week’s mid-season finale (Season 10, Episode 12: “Get Up Stand Up”).

The rules are pretty simple: most clever caption takes home the prize! But that doesn't mean the competition's not pretty stiff — there are already tons of awesome responses posted!

You’ve got until Sunday at 6 pm to leave your wittiest caption as a comment on Jerrika’s Facebook post, and winners are announced Monday. Ready, set, go!

Have a brilliant caption for Jerrika? Share it with us below!

Source: Facebook