Which Grey’s Anatomy Actor Is Rooting For Leah and Arizona to Hook Up?
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Grey's Anatomy

Which Grey’s Anatomy Actor Is Rooting For Leah and Arizona to Hook Up?

If Callie (Sara Ramirez) were a real-life person — hey, we can only dream — she might take a surgical scalpel to the face of one of the Grey's Anatomy actors for hoping that Callie's wife, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), hooks up with Leah (Tessa Ferrer).

That ballsy actor? Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie Edwards).

"Dear Greysland, what is this Leazona crap? LEZONA, PEOPLE. LEZ. ONA," she tweeted on October 19 — adding the hashtag "#doihavetodoeverythingmyself."

OK, girl, thanks for the schooling. And aren't you clever for working in "lez" for the conflatory name of this lesbian 'ship!

It's hard to tell whether fellow Lezona fans have much cause for hope. On one hand, Leah made it clear in Episode 5 ("I Bet It Stung") that she didn't sleep with Arizona the night of the gala but had a fun time hanging out platonically with the inebriated peg-leg. (Plus, we're pretty sure Leah is straight — or at least bi — since she slept with Alex at one point.)

But in the promo for this week's installment — Season 10, Episode 6: "Map of You" — shows Leah raving to Arizona about how much she enjoyed their night together as Callie appears to eavesdrop with revulsion.

Guess we'll find out how seaworthy this 'ship is when Grey's Anatomy airs this Thursday, October 24, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Do you think Lezona is a real deal, or just a figment of hyperactive imaginations? Let us know below!

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