Jerry O’Connell Jokes That Raising His Twin Girls Is ‘a Living Hell’
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Jerry O’Connell Jokes That Raising His Twin Girls Is ‘a Living Hell’

You know what they say about how the good should always outweigh the bad? It seems actor Jerry O’Connell could use a little boost in the good column, because when he was asked how he’s faring while raising his twin girls Dolly and Charlie, he answered with a laugh, “It’s hell. It’s a living hell.”

Oh come on, it can’t be all that bad. “I mean, my kids are really cute,” Jerry tells HuffPo Live, “but they’re nuts. And I have girls so they really tell me what to do.” You just have to put your foot down and show ‘em who’s boss, Jerry. Just because you’re the only guy in the house, it doesn’t mean you should let the females walk all over you.

“I have a dog that’s male, so we go hide in the bathroom and just talk to each other.”

No no no, that’s all wrong. Face your fears! Don’t let those two little angels get the best of you. If you keep up like this they’ll have you strapped to the La-Z-Boy recliner watching Disney movie after Disney movie against your will.

“I didn’t know I would know who Ariel was, who Belle was, who Mulan was. I know them all.”

Oh. Okay, well it might be too late to save you there, but honestly, don’t let your experience with your girls haunt you. You may be heading down the road of regret, and we wouldn’t want that.

“I have a lot of friends who are like ‘Hey man, I’m thinking about making the jump and having kids,’ and I’m like, 'Why?'” Heeey now, that’s going too far!

No, but in all seriousness, it sounds like Jerry is just taking a little while to get adjusted to the life of a father. It’s natural, and when you’re blessed with twins, it’s double the chaos but also double the fun! In the interview, Jerry talks about growing up with a brother and a mom who was “kind of a dude” in how she raised her sons, so he just wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of estrogen.

You should tackle it like a challenge, though, Jerry. These are your beautiful kids! At no point in your life should you ever feel like you’re up against a wall. Like you’re outnumbered.

“I don’t feel outnumbered, I am outnumbered.”

Source: Huffington Post

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