New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Slams Jersey Shore! (VIDEO)
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Jersey Shore

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Slams Jersey Shore! (VIDEO)

Even though Snooki and Deena recently confronted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie about his dislike for them as the cast joined him for the reopening of Seaside Heights, it looks like Chris Christie still despises our favorite guidos and guidettes.

In a video interview with People, the governor said he can’t stand The Real Housewives of New Jersey or Jersey Shore.

“First off, Jersey Shore is not about kids from New Jersey. Those are kids from New York, Staten Island and Poughkeepsie and they parachute them into Seaside Heights, New Jersey and try to make America believe that’s what kids from New Jersey are like, which they’re not,” he said in the interview.

He also slammed The Real Housewives of New Jersey, saying it follows the same deceptive premise of Jersey Shore, and admits while he knows they’re for entertainment, he doesn’t personally find them entertaining.

“It’s not what New Jersey is really like,” he said, and advised people to instead watch how the people of New Jersey have responded to the devastation after Hurricane Sandy and lifted each other up and “worked hard to help rebuild their state.”

“The real Jersey Shore is a place where families go to have fun,” the Governor said. He explained that he had great memories of the Seaside Heights boardwalk, explaining that it will be mostly rebuilt by this summer.

Ouch! I guess you got your answer on why Governor Christie dislikes you guys Snooki: he doesn’t think you are “family-friendly” or represent what the state is really like.

In fairness, we should note Snooki did help with the post-hurricane efforts, and the cast made a special appearance at MTV’s Spring Fix Benefit concert to show their support for the recovery efforts, in addition to their appearance at the reopening of Seaside Heights. Plus, the show made the town even more famous, which has since likely increased tourist populations and helped boost Seaside’s economy.

Click here to watch the Governor’s video interview where he slams the two hit shows, then let us know your reactions to his comments below!

Source: People