Jersey Jams: Best of the Music of Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 3
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Jams: Best of the Music of Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 3

Every week, Jersey Shore is packed with music from a diverse array of rising artists — uptempo bangers for fist-pumping in the club, as well as mellow ballads for Sammi and Ronnie to lie in bed moping and fighting. We hand-picked our favorite tracks from Season 3, Episode 3 of Jersey Shore, and listed them below for your listening pleasure!

Artist: The Whigs
Song: "Hundred Million"
Album: In the Dark
Scene: Hear this rock number when Pauly D asks Snooki whether she wants to join him at the gym. "We'll do a GTL right now!" Snooki exclaims, and we couldn't be happier for her.
Shock me into town
Everybody wants to take me down
White light in my brain
If they wanna make me sane.


Artist: Fielding
Song: "Hotels In Chicago"
Album: The Voice of Us
Scene: This melancholy acoustic ballad plays after Ronnie and Sammi have their big fight, where he's officially "done." Um... Yeah, sure, okay, Ronnie. Whatever you say.
Now I know what hell's like
You lit the fire, you light the fires
With the movies inside
They play in my mind, they play in my mind.
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Artist: Electrolightz
Song: "Miss Outta Control"
Album: It Happened Over Night
Scene: This, our favorite song from the episode, plays at the club when Deena gets so drunk she literally can't stand up. It's a fitting song selection for the newest housemate's finest hour.
She lives in the party and she's always in the limelight
Keeps herself together but she just can't get her mind right
Oh-oh, Miss Outta Control, and I know
She's a superstar and it shows.
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All the Music from Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 3

Prom DJ Pauly D?

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