Jersey Shore Dictionary: Episode 2.8
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Dictionary: Episode 2.8

All hail Pauly D, King of the Guido slang. Respect, also, to The Situation, who knows his way around a hilarious saying. And, of course, word up to the queen of the screen, the girl who could probably yawn and make it entertaining: ya girl Snooki. They were in top form this week, and our language is so much better for it. Here's your Jersey Shore Dictionary for Episode 2.8.

Hypocritical Whore. AKA Angelina. (Source: The Situation)

Loosey Goose. A girl who, shall we say, is very welcoming to gentleman callers. Would also be a good name for some cool new dance trend. (Source: Snooki)

O.G. Original Guido. A man the boys of Jersey Shore most definitely idolize. (Source: Pauly D)

Got My Sweatpants On. Used to describe a girl with whom you are about to Smash. They also literally wear your sweatpants. (Source: The Situation)

An Ass That You Read About. An especially desirable, female backside. Probably the only reading an of the guys would do. (Source: Pauly D)
Wifey Type/Wifed-Up. Girls worthy of special treatment from the Guidos. Do not necessarily have to be actual wives. (Source: Pauly D)

The Rarest Roses. A girl so hard to find, the Guidos want to do more than just smush with them. They actually want to date them. These roses are so rare, one of them disappeared on Vinny. (Source: Pauly D)

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