Jersey Shore Dictionary: Season 2, Episode 13
Jersey Shore Dictionary: Season 2, Episode 13
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Jersey Shore Dictionary: Season 2, Episode 13


Consider these five phrases from our Guido friends a kind of parting gift until they return to us for Season 3. We have to say, for gift-givers, they were very generous. Here is your Jersey Shore Dictionary for Episode 2.13.

Crocadillies. Crocodiles, AKA Alligators, which are the animals they actually saw in the Everglades. (Source: Snooki)

Smash It Out.
Variation of “smash” or “smush.” (Source: Pauly)

A threesome involving The Situation. Could also be used to involves times when it’s JUST The Situation. (Source: The Situation)

Give the Cat a Meatball. Relax? Have a cigarette? We can’t say we’re entirely sure what this means, but we do know we’ll be saying it often. (Source: The Situation)

Tan-orexic. To be addicted to tanning. This is considered a serious disease in the Guido community. (Source: Pauly)

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