Jersey Shore Season 5 Spoiler: Does Mike Return on Episode 4?
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Jersey Shore Season 5 Spoiler: Does Mike Return on Episode 4?

Love him, hate him, or love to hate him, there's no question that The Situation is a key component of the Jersey Shore formula. At the end of Season 5, Episode 3: "Dropping Like Flies" Sitch and his abs bounced from the house. Will he be back?

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Oh, who are we kidding? Of course he'll be back. According to The Examiner, Sitch will return full time starting next episode, Season 5, Episode 4: “Free Vinny.”

Whether that news leaves you fist-pumping in excitement or taking preemptive shots to prepare for Sitch’s whining, here's another spoiler that is sure to make everyone happy: Mike's return prompts the cast to head over to Staten Island and try to win Vinny back. (And yes, Vin does return eventually.)

Meanwhile, the girls are not idle this episode. As we saw in the preview, Sammi shows her not-so-sweet side when she gets in the middle of a big bar fight. It should be a nice change from her screaming matches with Ron-Ron.

Catch the episode Thursday, January 26 at 10 pm ET/PT on MTV.

Source: The Examiner

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