Credit: Instagram

Snooki has been looking more fit and fierce than ever before, having committed to kicking butt at the gym and eating healthy since giving birth to her son, Lorenzo. A meatball that used to dislike working out has become a bit of a fitness mogul, and she lately offered up some advice on losing weight and getting fit to a surprising person!

“Hey @GovChristie,” Snooki recently tweeted. “Happy to hear u want to lose weight! If u ever hit the gym & need a work out buddy, call me. good luck!!”

So sweet! But why is Snooki offering weight loss advice and help to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie? The governor recently revealed that he secretly underwent gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight, according to Who better than to give him some pointers than Jersey Shore princess Snooki herself? After all, Snooki dropped a whopping 42 pounds relatively quickly after giving birth, and is on a strict diet that keeps her in tip-top shape.

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