Credit: Instagram

Is this Jionni and Lorenzo’s cutest pic ever? Or possibly, the cutest pic ever? We think it might be...

Jionni recently Instagrammed this precious new photo of him snuggling his baby boy, giving his son a kiss on the cheek while Lorenzo smiles happily. “It's a father and son thing! #family,” Jionni wrote as a caption. Aww, we can see why Snooki fell in love with Jionni and was so excited to have a baby with him. He’s a great dad!

Credit: Instagram

Jionni also Instagrammed this cute pic of Lorenzo sitting on the couch next to his cousin, both boys drinking their baby bottles. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” Jionni wrote as a caption.

It’s great to see Lorenzo so grown-up and holding the bottle for himself. He’s also been learning to walk, something we can’t wait to see for ourselves on the upcoming season of Snooki & JWOWW. They grow up so fast...

Snooki took a similarly adorable photo of her cuddling her son earlier last month, showing what a great mom she is. Lorenzo is pretty lucky to have such awesome parents.

What do you think of Jionni and Lorenzo’s latest pic? Do you think it’s their cutest pic ever? Tell us below!