Credit: Instagram

We all know that Snooki lost a lot of weight post-baby, but we had no idea she was working this hard!

“Not bad, Nicole,” Snooki wrote as a caption to one of her latest Instagram pics, a shot of the treadmill showing her latest workout milestone on the screen.

Snooki has become a very fit mama over the past year, shedding her maternity weight and getting into the best shape of her life. She’s revealed that she works out seven days a week, and now it looks like all of that hard work has paid off in a big way!

Credit: Instagram

According to her Instagram pic, Snooki ran 4 miles in 40 minutes! We’d agree that’s a very impressive time, especially for someone that just started running. Nicely done, Snooki! We wonder what exciting new workout milestones Snooks will hit next. We have a feeling Lorenzo is going to be a very healthy baby, as not only does his mama love to hit the gym, but his daddy used to be a wrestler and still enjoys some healthy competition (on the backyard trampoline, no less).

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