Credit: Instagram

Who is that dapper young lad? OMG, it’s DJ Pauly D! Not only did Pauly forego his usual blowout for his latest Great Gatsby-inspired Instagram photo, but he wore a dashing suit and blue tie, looking extremely handsome as “#TheGreatDJGatsby”!

Did Pauly go see the new movie recently? If so, we’re not surprised he went all out and dressed up for the event, as he’s known for putting on some pretty weird costume helmets while going out for motorcycle rides, pretending to be a “Guido Green Spider-Man,” among other crazy characters.

Pauly gave two thumbs up in his recent pic, looking happy to wear his hair slicked back in a more sophisticated style for the time being. Maybe he’ll wear this look in his next DJ gig... and speaking of music, we can’t wait for that debut album, Pauly!

What do you think of Pauly’s “Great Gatsby” look? Do you think he looks really hot dressed this way, or not so much? Tell us below!